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2012 End of the world? Nope, moar lyk end of the internets.
Yes. Megaupload is shut down due to piracy content.

And it looks like that SOPA is not stopping even with the congreses.

It looks like the beggining of the end, soon uTorrent, mininova, rapidshare etc everything will be extinct.
Oh my... I can't even open facebook.

-Imageshack, is down.
-megaupload too.
-facebook (not sure) too.

This is getting worse. all webs are falling like domino effect.

something says me that Internet will be the cause of some the predictions of 2012, no doubts.
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Holy fucking shit.
They've got me mad now. (inb4 umad bro)

Megaupload has a responsibility to remove any pirated content which is reported on their website, and their TOS clearly states that any pirated content is prohibited and can result in your account being suspended.

I question the statement in the article that "The conspirators [megaupload] allegedly paid users whom they specifically knew uploaded infringing content and publicised their links to users throughout the world".
Megaupload has one of those rewards services for people who get their files downloaded a lot, so it's natural that the pirates would get the rewards. It's part of the system, not a conspiracy.

Also what gives them the right to seize the Megaupload's stuff outside of the US? The site is based in Hong-Kong of all places! (Might this be something to do with that bullshit that says the US can do what the want with sites ending in .com?)
It seems like SOPA has been postponed due to the ammount of protest that took place on the internet. The Internet should be safe at least for a few months. As for megaupload, I find it hard to believe that they will manage to keep it closed for too much, as happened with tbp in the past.
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uTorrent is a program? Lol.

Also postponed until after the presidential election most likely, much easier to drop it so that candidates won't have to talk/discuss it.

is supposedly the new site. It looked like megaupload the day it was shutdown, but now it's just text. Still not sure if legit, but I'll be watching it.
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