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if you buy the 256bit card you will need a computer can can support the need of the card.
If you have 64x windows then thats a good sign, but 32x windows go for the 128bit

You're an idiot sadly mistaken.
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Indeed, I didn't even notice that post, you don't need x64 for 256bit or x86 for 128bit.
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Memory bandwidth will matter only so much from game to game, on a game like toribash you will notice no difference, but when you see a larger enviroment like oblivion, crysis or some other large 3D terrain area with complex character models, memory bandwidth makes a visable difference.

However even here what you are looking at is only a single settings up difference on model complexity, the most difference is overclocking room imo as the larger bus gives you more overhead to OC into.

If you don't plan on OCing, go for which ever is more convenient and better rated, or for the lower price.

not looking to overclock. im paying for the parts, im definatly not gna void my guarentee... my luck it WILL break... like my pc stuff so often does.

Tb isnt exactly my primary game :P looking for somethin with a little more umph.
competative gaming isnt easy when your pc cant keep up anymore.
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here's the thing, what voxus is saying is 100% correct. for gaming higher bandwith is what you want. i made the mistake of buying a geforce 4mx 4000 a LONG time ago when 128 bit was being standardized (the mx 4000 was 64 bit) the difference in gaming is astounding, between 2 geforce 4's the mx4000 and the ti series 128 bit the fps increase was large enough to make games playable vs non playable, that still holds true with todays graphics cards, so if you want to go for a decent gaming card find a 256 bit card of the same caliber as the one you want not the 128 bit version as you're going to be robbing yourself of performance.
You don't say?
bought the card on friday afternoon, exact card was the asus eah5770 cucore 1gb ddr5

now i just gotta finish buying the rest of the parts for my new pc.
then next on my list is a new 23" moniter which can use that HD slot on my card =)
hopefully AMD/asus has gotten the driver issues right, people have been raging that they cant max the res to 1920x1020

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so if you want to go for a decent gaming card find a 256 bit card of the same caliber as the one you want not the 128 bit version as you're going to be robbing yourself of performance.

will sell it if it doesnt perform to my satisfaction
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ok, i'm not at all saying that card wont perform i'm just saying it wouldn't perform up to it's 256 bit counterpart.
You don't say?
ofcourse it wont, its 256 counterpart costs R1000 more. (Rands, South African currency)
basically, in all things with the computer world, bigger/more is better.
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not ALWAYS but most of the time yes, one example is my dual core overclocked at 3.8ghz out performs other cpus which are more expensive even after they're overclocked. you just have to do a bit of research on the product you're buying to know how well it compares to other components. for instance my cpu (which only cost $60) in all the benchmarks i've tested beats the quad core phenom 9850 and beats alot of triple core phenom II's
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256 bit is faster etc. do not be a hobo - buy 512 bit card and cool other stuff and be cool guy!

i hope it will be useful to you, thankz.
NightcrabXS: we are talking about bandwidth not memory capacity :P Think you might have gotten them mixed up.