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Aikido Opener Showcase
Aikido/Aikidobigdojo Opener Showcase (Beginner)

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a mod in which two players are put up against each other. Both are in close proximity to the other, and each player’s main aim is to either disqualify (bring the opponent to the floor, or outside of the dojo) or have a point lead over their opponent (achieved from hard hits and dismembers). Aikido is considered a "grappling" mod, grabbing is an important part of this. You can grab by pressing the 'V' button.

You can play aikido by typing "/join aikido1" in your game chat, or searching up the mod to see if others are currently playing it.

What is an "opener"?

One key element of consistently achieving this goal and beating up the enemy is using a good, well-rounded opener. An opener is any move performed on the very first turn of the fight. Typically, players will contract their pecs and grab with their hands to get a hold of the enemy, but from there, it's all up to you. Your opener can turn the tide of a fight right from the first turn and give you a big advantage over your opponent, whether that be by kicking his arm off, lifting him up into the air or knocking his head for a big point advantage.

Why does it matter?

We understand that the Toribash has a steep learning curve; the aim of this thread is to help combat the learning curve and give you a foundation to learn from and build upon, turning you into an awesome fighter! We've been seeing a lot of beginners like yourself use openers that are self-damaging and/or detrimental to their play, so hopefully this thread will guide you and others to learn and progress, unlocking your potential and allowing you to fully enjoy the game as it was designed to be played.

Therefore, this thread will cover a number of openers that you can use in aikido and its variants (such as AikidoBigDojo and Greykido) However, please don't rely solely on these openers as this can hinder your progression in learning how to play to a high standard, which is the complete opposite of the aim of this thread. To effectively improve, you will need to put your own twist on these moves or even create your own opener(s) from scratch!

Note: Aikido and its variants are the most popular mods in Toribash; they are used in duels, tournaments, wars and public lobbies. Therefore, aikido is a mod that will give you a strong foundation to learn and play other mods in the game.


In aikido, two players grapple with each other in hopes of disqualifying or having a point advantage over their opponents. Having a good opener can help you achieve this.
However, don’t rely solely on an opener as this can have a negative effect on you overcoming the learning curve.

If you're struggling to execute these moves effectively or correctly or you just can't seem to remember the joint combo, see this video.

Basic Openers

Advanced Openers

Remember, you don’t have to stick to these joint movements completely; there are many ways of doing these openers.

It’s encouraged that you put your own twist to these moves as this will help you learn how to move your Tori (character) in a more efficient manner, and overall become better at the game.

Everyone is free to contribute to this thread with their openers,
however please stick as close as you can to the format provided

Opener Name:
GIF (if possible):
Frame 1:
Frame 2: 
Any questions or concerns? Please PM any Help Squad member:


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noobclap tutorial.rpl (22.2 KB, 5 views)
snapkick opener tutorial.rpl (22.3 KB, 6 views)
lift opener tutorial.rpl (19.4 KB, 6 views)
shovel tutorial.rpl (19.6 KB, 5 views)
leg grab tutorial.rpl (22.2 KB, 6 views)
Fake Snap tutorial.rpl (14.0 KB, 5 views)
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[a]dventure | (n)ausea
aikido big dojo (abd) is basically just normal aikido with a bigger dojo (the square ring). As you know, outside of the ring you get disqualified

nerfpls opener
don't be petty and say that someone else had this opener, i came up with it on my own and i don't know of anyone else who uses it or something similar as their main opener

frame 1:
contract both pecs
contract both wrists
right rotate chest
right bend lumbar
contract abs
contract right hip
extend right glute
contract left glute
contract both knees
contract both ankles

grabbing is a decision i just randomly make when i feel like it and sometimes i contract elbows too

frame 2: usually a toss-up but i'll put something i like to use often
grab both hands
hold all
contract both pecs
right rotate chest
right bend lumbar
contract abs
extend left glute
contract right glute
extend right hip
extend right knee
contract both ankles

this is more of just a frame 1 opener because i change up frame 2 very often, but frame 2 is usually something that gets me close to the ground and off-balance to set up a potential suplex or lift

basically this is more of an advanced opener because it's more situational on what you do after frame 2. im going to post some replays of some examples on what you could do based on what the opponent does on frame 2 if they start with a normal clap, and real game examples with different opponent openers.

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knee then lift.rpl (49.5 KB, 15 views)
lift.rpl (49.5 KB, 4 views)
real game.rpl (49.7 KB, 14 views)
real game shovel opener.rpl (93.8 KB, 7 views)
real game snapkick opener.rpl (46.6 KB, 5 views)
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