Really cool video, well done mate
Adding to OP

A thing I recommend to everyone is to disable ambient occlusion under advanced options, most graphics cards already have AO built in and having it enabled is the cause of those really awkward dark spheres where the centers of objects meet.

Thanks everyone!
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Jisse I'm a fan of your work.
every time you post mods I think:
Why didn't I come up with that idea.

You're the best <3
evil Führer of Evil
Great job on all of these weapons, splendid work, it's shocking someone who can make such great things and etc isn't a legend, i'm sure you've done so many things that're amazing, good job again and good luck to all your newer items and everything else.

Do you think you could make the Saradomin godsword from runescape? Picture below.
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Thanks guys, appreciate your requests but both the godsword and j4's lance aren't replicateable in TB sadly. I mean I could try and do my best but even then they'd end up even more butchered than the more simple weapons I created. It's the weeny details and complex shapes that fuck them over and right now I really wish there were more than 16 joint objects :(

Might be able to make a schyte though but I'm not sure how good it will look and perform, will try though!
Pretty awesome mods, for me tb has been made for mods like this
Really cool for training balance too.
Idk if that would be possible, but it would be amazing to be able to add any weapon of those mods on any mod
Some ideas:

A Macahuitl


A double bladed sword

Edit: also, would be great if you could make the same mods where Uke and Tori each have a weapon
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Can you remake Ultraviolet's Sword in Toribash?
if you can do the base of the sword...
make it with the inscriptions
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