opener begins to look generic but instantly changes into something amazing. double knee is epic. excited to see the rest!

what epoch said, the opener is fucking flush and that dub knee is as smooth as a pair of baby buttcheecks.
Really nice beginning there, nice flow and everything but when I came to around 346 for some reason I get the feeling that your right leg is falling behind a little by the speed otherwise I am excited for the rest!

I'm rusty as heck i couldn't finish some of my wips. So i made a quick one

CnCs are always appreciated
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the way you spin in MonkeyKingBar looked weird, but you somehow managed to make it look clean and suit the whole flow of the replay, the kicks felt a little slow, but the replay overall was great, you had the flow, you held the momentum very nicely, but on Basic Bruh, the opening sequence was just amazing, straight fire, everything you did from frame 500-290 was just fabulous, kinda dissapointed with the amount of dms after all that epic build up tho, your movement is fucking insane.
I don't check out this thread very often but MonkeyKingBar was sweet as hell, that glutes kick was sick. Fast and nice skeetcap as well.
oh yeah