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Mobile version of forums
Now, I know a lot of people use iPods, tablets, phones, etc. to browse the forums, and sometimes it's a pain to click small things like the pm link and stuff, so I'm saying make a forum for the mobile device, or maybe an app.

Just something that is more small screen friendly.
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i believe Lite is working on that, but i am not sure wether he is still continuing it or not
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Mobile forum
Hey there

Is it at all possible to start working towards a mobile forum for ios or android?

I know it might not be now but sometimes I don't enjoy having to log onto my laptop to start browsing through things as I am starting to try get more actively involved in the forums.

Sweet. Thanks. (:
Heres an android one made by one of our site devs.

Not entirely sure if lite has updated it or not. By the looks of it he has started it again. Nor do i know if it has full functionality.
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Mkay... but as I mostly use my iPod, what would the likelyhood of getting an ios one up and running?

Not that its a big thing, I just think that it could be helpful.
I also don't really use my android phone as it is seriously slow so its not really any good for anything
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It might be a bit clunky but theres no real issue with using your browser to go on the forums. I am doing it right now!!

whats your issue with doing that?
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They should make a toribash app that allowed you to go into server chatrooms and go on the forums.
it's been tried before; someone tried to make an app for ios but stopped it in development for some reason, while i've seen MANY threads,like this one, asking for the same thing nothing is done about it and sadly i doubt anything will be done about it.
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I dont like the idea.

I like more the Computer Version.

I hate the mobile version. Is kinda glitched on some forums.