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It was brought in October of last year, the main reason must be "fun" (it still have some rules though).

Like an off topic fun board, a "free" toriprime board.
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Self-explanatory title, I left this game for somewhat long, so I kinda missed the trend.
It's literally cancer and spam. Doubt it will gives productive thing.

It was made so sou could do some moderation for 1day
Also half of the boards like discussion and the music and movies thread don't technically do anything productive either
If you're worried about what wibbles will gives you can always try to increase thread quality by what's in your signature I'm sure you could make ground breaking contributions.
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Yeah, nothing to do with productivity. All about having fun.

Before it came back, we just had Off-Topic and Discussion (well we also had Toriprime, which was Wibbles you had to pay for). Discussion for srs bsns, Off-Topic for less than serious bsns. Trouble was, after a while Off-Topic became too heavily moderated - Threads were being closed left and right and the board's activity suffered.

So, I started a discussion in Off-Topic about either freeing people to post less serious stuff in Off-Topic, or just bringing Wibbles back full stop. After a bit of discussion, it seemed like a whole lot of people supported the latter idea. An Off-Topic thread wasn't going to change anything though (cus bureaucracy), so I was directed to post a Suggestion thread poll about it. The people voted overwhelmingly in favour of bringing it back, so Wibbles couldn't be denied.

Now it's back and it is whatever you make of it. If you wanna shit in it, then shit. If you wanna do something productive in it, then do that. It's up to the users.

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