In my opinion you can start your app with a chat (as it is winning the poll) and later on you can add menu, and add Chat, Clans, Forum, Market etc etc. and improve it with time.
"People, like to invent monsters and monstrosities. Then they seem less monstrous themselves."
I started it, and i made the basics, Now to the hard shit .. commands
And I made Picture of the month. ;)
Now I have to get full permission from administrators.
Can you change the time of clan plan?
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Originally Posted by ninosanz View Post
you know guys what is the "clan league"? :3

Yea nino i know its event,in this event clans fight
and the one who beat all get price
We will win this year!
and i think it begins on June or may, I am not really sure.
Btw can you do an avatar for me ?
Same as your style, I can pay up to 7k
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I think this year we don't have any chance there is a lot of really really good clans we have to train
Well yeah its the last thread about clan league
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We should not participate. Not really a chance to do shit with current squad we have. No offence but no one good here...
Balik is dead, and overally not so excellent.
grzegi is rusty af.
Kot will be rusty cause he's to lazy to earn money for new PC unable to play.
Condings - idk about his aikido, but never seen him on aikido etc. so I guess, not that great. Still kills everything on ninjutsu.

About rest - nothing to discuss..
0 fucking chancess... or it will change and we become the black sheep there.. but after I've seen our war with OK... nah we won't.

Don't get me wrong. Even if we are lacking in skill, we still have some badass team here guys, team of crazy, creative and awesome people!
Look at ToP, they've died, but still they are "together" on the forum, and they will be for a long time.
What about all of those League winners? Honestly i don't even know who is the champ now. Yet i know and i remember all the RAWR events, all the Engraze's replays, we all know NutHug/BenDover etc. etc.
And I don't know who participated in Clan League.
I don't know who is in WAPOW #1 Clan.
I realized, that I am not sure, if our main goal should be getting #1 rank, or Official.
Does it matter at all?
Do we need it?
I don't have that feeling, I don't want to be #1, I don't want to be Official.
I just enjoy being in TFR with people like you guys, awesome artists, replaymakers, duelers, decapers, coders, videomakers and most importantly, with friends.
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"People, like to invent monsters and monstrosities. Then they seem less monstrous themselves."
Man Ffs!
Are you kidding me?
We have to get in!
We have a great squad
grzgi - ninosans - me - ghostur - We can wake balik up!
I am training from about a month!
I am so angry tbh
And You guys have to kick some members like razor and ultravox (No offense to you guys at all)
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