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OKAY, so as of today, the bar for entry is raised, and a new recruiting schedule has been set up (see the recruiter thread, chaps). The new schedule is not dependent on me to poke you all the time, so keeping tabs of it is now your own responsibility. It's only 3-4 days per month, and they're constant, so it shouldn't be too hard. At the moment though, i am a bit more tolerant, since it's a new thing and many of you are probably still on vacation.

As for the raised bar, this means that being acceptable isn't enough anymore. You, dear potential applicant, have to be downright IMPRESSIVE. And to you, dear recruiter, this means that if you're not wow'd, you probably shouldn't say yes. This is probably worst for the applicants, to which i apologize, but we've reached the conclusion that this is a better course of action than doing nothing.

This raised bar of entry is NOT retroactive, so if you're already in, you don't have to worry. Unless we suddenly decide to get all activity check on your asses, because a LOT of members aren't doing anything.
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