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thats a really well done replay! but if you want to get a dismember with a skeet you might want to throw the hand on the ground so that you can earn momentum. anyways, you did a decent first dm but it would have been nice if you aimed it at a more specific bodypart such as lumbar or abs otherwise it was nice. the arm dm was really well done. couldn't have done it better myself. skeet was good but as i said. try to earn momentum for a real dm. pose was your ordinary one. nothing special, nothing bad.

8/10 getting better, keep it up!
oh and also, dont grab when you wanna get a dm from your skeet, it will only ruin it.
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Originally Posted by gorillaspy View Post
A new replay I spent about 4 hours on.

I like it.


Try to do it with a little more distance between you and uke, I think it doesn't look good if he touches you ^^

And it would look better if the last kick totally wrecks his torso ^^.

But like I said, I like it.
Thanks dude. And I did actually try doing that for like 10 minutes but for some reason even when my foot was coming out the other side of the torse it didn't come off. -_- lol
Also I set it so close because originally I was going to do a manipulation but then couldn't be bothered because I got a dm by accident.
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opener was FUCKING FANTASTIC i loved the spins and the momentum build up. split was great, decap wasnt that good as it didnt look like you made it on purpose.the part when you held uke and started kicking him looked really stiff, you only seemed to move the arm and legs. i really liked this replay. keep it up!

|Opener by Xioi|#KillTheScootCork|
"Cool delfin med solglajjor" -Larfen
Before and after the ripping of uke is very twitchy.
I don't really like the opener either, would of been better if you just did a full spin instead of a tiny flip and then doing a spin..
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