Endurance Onslaught 3.0
Usually just clicking, using c and v, sometimes I like to stream my laptop screen on my phone to mess around too,so I also tap ig.
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Yet Another Goomba Post/Thread
I press C to hold all in the beginning, press x to switch from held to relax, then left click to extend or contract

(HvC)Havoc Clan Page

Wouldn’t you like to know, weather boy.

[21:55] Icky: How the fuck can i make witty lines about blossoms without going full weeb
i scroll
i have clicks set to three so i just have to click a joint to make it held or relaxed
z, x, c, v and a, s, d, w, shift, ctrl + z. best way to play.

if you're clicking joints and using scroll wheel you're just handicapping yourself for no reason.
Use C to hold all
Click the joints
V to grab and ungrab

My play style is: "click the joints as fast you can to see all the possibilities and all the things that can happen. If it seems cool just space"
bodies control:
using c x
scroll up and down

right click
or rightclick + shift
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