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Game startup configuration
I always type /opt bruise 0 and /opt blood 0 at the beginning of the game because my pc is very slow and it gives me a bit more of fps.
And I was wondering if there's any way to change something in toribash files so every time I open the game it startup with both commands already typed.
Basically, it's just for comfort and efficiency.
Hi, if you're on standalone, make a shortcut to toribash.exe and add arguments to Target field. If you just want to remove blood and bruise, it'd look like this: D:\Games\Toribash-5.42\toribash.exe -blood 0 -bruise 0
If you're on Steam, you can specify those arguments by going to your games library, choosing Toribash properties and pressing "Set Launch Options" button in General tab.
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D:\Games\Toribash-5.42\toribash.exe -blood 0 -bruise 0

Thank you sir! It worked perfectly
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What should I add to load an script the same way I deactivated blood and bruise?
I've tried C:\Games\Toribash-5.32\toribash.exe -blood 0 -bruise 0 -mm.lua and of course it didn't work.
You can add commands without the '/' sign to profile.tbs and they'll be executed on game client launch.
(there's also movememory that's built into game client if that's the script you're trying to add to launch options)