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This seems pretty dope, on the rules thing the font is really small and hard to read

U know there is zoom option? Know how to use it?
Anyway, I'll update first page when I make card module with this game.

There is a freeware program called Lackey. Its is a simple UI with an option to play any trading card game (and some tabletop games) on the market and has an option to play over internet through their servers or directly using IP.
You make a room, ppl join and then you can play games like this.

I've used this program, Lackey to test one of my other card games called Steam Flow.
I just have to make a module (add-on that has all the rules and buttons used in card game) that is like zip archive with directories and some sort of INI files.

Then I just post the link to the add-on, you guys install Lackey and add my game to it, we arrange fights, make a room and play.

I'm planing to turn this into RPG forum game where players can form their decks, walk on map, do some quest and fight either each-others or NPC characters, get new cards bild more powerful decks and... Well, just have some fun.