Hello, I share a birthday with this sexy piece of hunky goodness

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December 21st

ayyy we christmas babies.

hell yea

It seems rare, you are the only other person I've met that has the same birthday

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come back when your birthday is feb 13th

We'll see eachother in another life then, buddy
I've not met anyone with the same birthday as me.
My cousin is 2 or 4 days off but that's the closest I've heard of/had.
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one of my old school steam buddies who I play PUBG and DayZ and used to play lots of csgo with back in the day has a birthday 2 days before mine and it took us like 3 years of knowing each other to find that out

and its the same year
//invade// I haven't played Tb in forever and it feels like a fukkin birthday to see that em old urbanites like Rutz nd Ace120 are still around. //invade//

Ps- <3 Moop
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