Save Me Mumia ploX!

Your RA bud,
Starrzz =D

Ill buy it as soon as i get enough money.
Is it possible to have my name at the back?
Do you take requests?
Selling Kung Fu Master Beard $250 USD. Non-negotiable. Now accepting bitcoin! I'll accept an offer as low as 0.15BTC!
Pretend you're as elite as us old schoolers with this unique old schooler only beard!

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ok, so:
I will make Your name on RTC Mobi
I will save MUMIA Starrzz
And I take requests

Juo, I've made textures by my own. Some of them are my drawings, some of them are made from 2-4 photos. It is impossible to just paste 4 example NARUTO face onto head:

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it is not free software so... :]
Gimp is free and it is good program
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