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The get to know you miserable sods thread.
Yet another quality thread from moi!

This time I'm after info about you, so answer the question and let the other parroty people know a little bit about yourself.

Tori-name : Kinda pointless since your post'll be labelled ;)

Real name : OMG ZOMG! Yes, a real name on the interwebs!

Age: Simple eh?

Gender : Dude or chick? I've avoided asking 'sex' cos I know what the replies'll be

Location : Where do you live, and what's you timezone?

A lill bit about yourself : Tell us what you do, who you do, and all the details inbetween!

Nice and easy! The timezone bit'll be handy so we have an idea of who's on when.

Now get filling it in!
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Ah! This is what i've been waiting for

Tori-name: Karv
Real Name: Karel
Age: 13
Gender: Not Chick
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia +7 ftw
A lill bit about myself:
I play basketball, Minecraft, Toribash, and Torchlight
I also listen to post-hardcore/metalcore songs
My friends said i have abnormal music interest, care for giving opinion?

Example of music i like:

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Welcome to the clan Karvian. Long time since I've seen you.

ToriName: MocroGunz
Real Name: Thomas(Tommy)
Age: 14 :O
Gender: Male
Location: Arizona, United States
A little bit about myself: I love to talk to my girlfriend. MintCat makes me jizz. MegaCash is in love with my sister. I also love to hang out with my friends. I also like music, mostly Heavy Rock and Screamo. My favorite song is Tears Don't Fall by Bullet For My Valentine.
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Tori-name : matt76

Real name : netanel

Age: 12
Gender : ofc dude

Location : I'm from israel and timezone is 5+

A lill bit about yourself : well I'm 12 and i work as dj (wierd right?) I'm from israel and i love to make mixes,
my favourite music is rock,trances(it sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).. my favourite food is spaghettie(i fucking dunno how to spell it) fries, fry chicken, pizza.
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Tori-name : MintCat

Real name : Joel.S

Age: 15

Gender : Male

Location : England +1

A lill bit about yourself : I like a variety of music: Dubstep,Psychadelic Rock, Rap, Electro and a bit of classical. I'm not interested in heavy metal (no offence Karv). South Park, The Inbetweeners and My Little Pony FSM are my favourite shows. I'm an artist and if I draw anything it's going to be a cat. My username came from my obsession with mints and cats so they kind of... bonded!
I have a lot of friends on Toribash so i'd best not mention any favorites otherwise i'll upset people. (Dons my favorite. :3) Catfood and Pizza are my favourite snacks. Also Felix (my cat) once followed me into school and crapped inside the building (typical) that's probably the most unexpected thing that has happened to me ;o
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Tori-name: Moop

Real name: Ollie

Age: 18

Gender: somewhere in between

Location: England

Lil bit about myself: Maybe later...
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Name: Ryan
Age: 18
Sex: Male...
A little about myself: 6'3 207 pounds (Mostly Muscle :heybabe I'm in Wrestling, Football, and Lacrosse. I own a 69' Mustang Fastback. I just recently became single. I come from a extremely wealthy family, though I don't consider myself spoiled. I grew up in Chicago and now I reside in Lockport Illinois. You got any questions feel free to ask'em.