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Parrot Clan Art


As the title said
Get Artsy and open that PS! or GIMP! or PAINT.Net! or Paint.....

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That's pretty cool Karv, I've made some trail textures. I posted them on the thread in my sig.
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I like your style of art because it's unique. You've detailed the feathers and fur which shows you took your time on it. <3
Should totally make one slot smaller for me with a bulls eye helmet on it like my avatar. If you do and it's epic I'll change my avatar too it. Make sure you have your art sig in the bottom right corner.. I'll tell you what though.

I hadn't changed my avatar.. Ever. If you got me to do it you would be the first.

What you have here though is lead designer material already.

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Well, can you please send me a bigger version of your avatar, I can't make a single line out of your current avatar

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Dude. Nice picture!
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awesome textures karvian but i suck at texture :F
i good at mixes here is my youtube channel

Dude that's a Vector art not a texture....

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Dude. Nice picture!


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Dude that's a Vector art not a texture....


i know i just told you i suck at textures..............................