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[S]Fenris' Graphics


2009-2013 - Fenris - Kristensen Design

Logotypes & banners

Avatars & signatures

Other things, wallpapers, illustrations etc

First off, I only accept TC as payment.

Price List code:

Logo/Banner: 20k+
Avatar: 2k+
Signature: 6k+

The more you pay, the more effort I put into the piece(s).

What do you want?(No textures):
Details(Please be specific):

To do list:

1. Toribash - Site banner
2. Cry of Death - Clan banner
3. Cobra - Clan banner

~ Only 3 requests at a time, please.

~ Don't spam, please.

~ Use the application, please.

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can you make a banner for me like yours?
but i want itach on the banner, like my avatar with an editions and my nickname on the banner
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As far as I can see, you don't have "ToriPrime" which is the feature that allows you to use signature pictures.

Buy that in the shop, then come back to me. ; )
Here it is.

Like it or not, that's what you get for 5k.

When I receive the TC you are free to use the sig.
Avvy or Sig (both?): avvy
Size: 150
Reference(Character? Your Tori?): my Tori, make the design match my colors, plat and bronze
Text?: Avengd7x
Willing to pay?(The more tc, the more effort I'll put into it): 1,5-2k
<~[i]Assazin> I'm 12 years old
<~[i]Assazin> My butt is underdeveloped
<~[i]Assazin> ok ok
<~[i]Assazin> I'm actually 9
<Click>Patrickooo Acting His Age<Click>
Added to the to-do list, starting right away.


Avngd7x: What do you think?

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its god i just want my name in it and its perfect
oh wait lol the image didnt upload completely derp, sending 1750
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<~[i]Assazin> I'm 12 years old
<~[i]Assazin> My butt is underdeveloped
<~[i]Assazin> ok ok
<~[i]Assazin> I'm actually 9
<Click>Patrickooo Acting His Age<Click>