The idea of controlling your character to do anything you wanted in any mod was what got me. Growing up on twinswords.tbm I was instantly addicted. Then as I got more into the game, I saw you can BUY stuff with ingame money and I'm like omgwtfbbq. It remains my favorite game ever since.
I had no idea what i was doing, just random clicked on joints and waited for something to happen
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Ooh, first thoughs... Umm... Okay.
"Wait... let's click on this... What am I doing OHHHH I MOVED MY ARM! ... And he punched my head off.... Darn it... *Five minutes later* WE'RE STILL ON ONE MATCH! *Five more minutes later* Oh, Mod Change.... HEY THE MATCH STARTED OVER AGAIN!!! *many minutes later* Oh yeah! Katana! *clicks many joints, and proceeds to cut own head off* ... FUUUUUUUUUUU-"
And that was my first experience with Toribash
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I thought it was fun because it was so different. Sure it was hard, but it was hard for the same reason it was fun. When I finally knew what I was actually doing to the point where my Tori didn't resemble a fish that just got pulled onto a boat, that was just another reason to keep at it.

Absolutely what I thought.
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I thought "Am I really going to get addicted to this?"
Well, I have. I learned how to make my own moves, and soon
I started practicing every single day I could get on.
Freind showed me...

Me: Wtf is this shit.........This is impossible!!!!

Now im addicted and a have my own moves ;P
What are you going to do?! Bleed on me?
at first I was like:
"where the fuck are the big ass swords?"
now it's more:
"where are the other big ass swords?"
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