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What do kids age 6 to 8 like? (Polish, Turkish, Maroccan, etc)

I'm doing research for an App for school and I cannot figure out what these kids like.
I don't know any foreign kids and all the schools here are closed.
If any of you have some info on this please let me know.

I mainly need visual research, what style, colours, lineart etc do they like.

Thank you so much in advance!
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You're sure to find 6 to 8 year old people on these forums. Mentally, if nothing else.

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You're probably right, but I meant brothers and sisters or other family.
I mean I have little nieces and nephews but they're Dutch, not the group we're targeting with this App.
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I'm an artist.
Well, the typical bright colours with thick lines and happy faces everywhere is always a good bet when dealing with that age group. Basically, cartoony > realistic. Being a dude, i can say that the male children a probably a bit more indifferent about the style than one should think (i mean i played Doom at that age), but do consider your choice of colours. Society says that more pink = more girly (minus the hell barons in Doom, they're anything but girly), while green and blue are traditionally more boyish colours.

An excellent example of something appealing to kids of that age would be Super Mario. I have a grandcousin (i think it is, cousins son) who's 6 (i think) years old, and he played Mario on his DS, which he enjoyed.

Also, huge shiny eyes (you know the type) with otherwise tiny facial features are typical in more girl-oriented things, while boys like big manly heroes with huge chins.
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About the colors:





About Television Shows, etc.

They usually like Spongebob
shows on Nickelodeon

You know, Google is your friend with this stuff. Just search the age group of 6-8.
From experiences where I live 6-8 year olds love to have parties and invite their friends.

They like colourful balloons, clowns, cake, birthday hats, etc.

I also found in that age group boys from any nationality seem to be more interested in card games, while girls usually are still playing with dolls, or watching tv shows. ( My little pony, spongebob, etc.)
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The results I'm getting so far is that most kids like to have a partner when playing.
Especially in this age group.
They also like the partner to be of the same sex. Girls more than boys, so I need to make a girl and a boy.

When I check other apps, shows and books I see that about 80% has personifications, as in no humans but animals or objects that act like humans.
The colours vary, most books had pastel like colours but the shows and apps had brighter ones.

The problem is the group I'm targeting.
I'm making an app that teaches young Polish, Turkish, Morrocan kids Dutch because they have problems with it.

I just need to know if their taste in animals and style is different than the Dutch kids.
As in, what is allowed in their religion, what do their parents allow them.

It's quite hard.

Really appreciating your posts!
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I'm an artist.
My little Turkish brother likes the style of Spongebob a lot. He always tries to draw like that. He also likes dark-blue. He doesn't really like orange though.
His friends are usually boys, but he has some female friends too.

I don't know if this information is useful but he isn't all to keen about donkeys and pigs. And you probably noticed that I answered your PM too.
It has to have many colours and the colours needs to stand out in a way so they can see them easily, also what you need it inspiration... Such as spongebob as Dilara said, or maybe some cartoon they might like, I don't really know anything more than this but be creative.

Edit: From what Alpha said I think kids at that age might like bunnies hamsters cats dogs wild and tame animals. Basically it needs to be animals who can attract people.
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its a wide question, depends on a lot of things.
But mostly
kids are same, no matter what country it is.
They have basis +additional things (depends on tradition, religion and etc)