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[S] amazing and magnificent everything art shop. Pay whatever you want or dieeeee!

Why hello there, my decent fellow toribash friends. I present to you my amazing and magnificent art shop.
Each single piece costs costs whatever you want it to cost!

My good friend and companion snorlaxen will also help me out. He is a very talented artist and he will gladly take over some requests for me.

Now I will probably get questions like “but Redundant, how can you afford such madness?
Well, my friend, it is very simple. I want to spread the art throughout the world. I do not yearn for the coin. I do not wish to be rich. I want to give people joy and happiness. Unfortunately free art shops are not allowed because of the evil imperialistic administration. I am therefore forced to ask for a little amount of money, that is however much you want. It should be affordable by everyone.
I am also willing to take items.
ANY ITEMS 'cept empty sets. Empty sets are the worst.
That's right, if you want you can send me any item as payment. Ain't even give a fuck if it's a crappy orc grip or a quicksilver force. They are all the same.

I also decided that I will do any art. Does not matter if you want an avatar, a signature, a header for your clan, or some body textures. I take all requests.
I will even make gifs for you. See below for some examples of my work.


I do “I have no idea what I do, just make me something” requests.
• Don't be a dick



Okay so here is the form you need to fill out if you want to request something:

What are you requesting: (head, avatar, whatever)
What else you got in mind:
What'chu payin'?*:

*I don't accept price ranges. Give me a definite price or be ignored forever.

PS: If you own 100k and offer 1k, you're a dick. If you own 1k and offer 1k you deserve my love.


Examples of my beautiful art. Better check it out or get banned forever.


Fuck this, I'll do whatever I feel like doing. When I see a funny request I like, I will do it.

Ok, get crackin'.


All pieces submitted on or after 08/24/2013 unless stated otherwise are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Size: 512
Theme: Robot
Coluors: Blue, Grey and Black
What else you got in mind: Just have fun with it
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Have Fun | Enjoy Life | Stay cool
Size: (128,256, or 512)~ 256
Theme: (robotic, animalistic, …)~ animalistic
Colours: (at least two)~ gladiator and orc
What else you got in mind: (details and shit)can anyway but it has to be cartoon ..

Size: (128,256, or 512) ugh, big please
Theme: (robotic, animalistic, …) sexy
Colours: (at least two) red black
What else you got in mind: (details and shit) ishi+ watermelon

Ishi often dreams of being a watermelon, please draw me an Ishi-melon.

I'll be a high roller and send 100tc instead of 99.

Thank you.
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Ok, I'll get on those tomorrow or something because I am fucking tired right now.
I also decided to take three requests max at once because cba having big waiting lists.

Feel free to post your requests anyway.
If I like them enough I'll do them when I see them, even if the waiting list is full.
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Size: (128,256, or 512)~ 256
Theme: (Sasuke Mangekyo Sharingan)[My Profile Picture]
Colours: black,red.
Theme: I want a gay pride octopus with four legs wearing a fanny pack.
Colours: (at least two) the entire color spectrum
What else you got in mind: pretty sure I already explained everything I can

bonus points if you can somehow fit a Mexican fiesta in there somewhere
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i want a animation of a dancing rainbow with a eye patch thats saying "arh* nothings more gay than a rainbow pirate
Picture Request
Size: Some good size for avatar, I don't know what would be good.
Theme: Dunno, Psyduck standing.
Colours:Black, Psyduck tummy color. (All the colors in my avatar). I'll add my avatar soon so you can take all the colors from it.
What else you got in mind: Just draw a Psyduck, it must be in a same position as it is in my avatar. Transparent background. Draw it with your own style, that's what I want to see ;)
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Head texture.
Size: 512x512
Theme: Robotic
Colors: Rainbow
<3Kaito = Best Minimalist sets!<3
Raiken = Best Cartoon heads!
PM me your art, I might buy.