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IGN Name: None *sigh*
Belt:Yellow but in previous account Brown
Previous Clans:None and If i can join It shall stay none forever
Mods Im good at are:JesusCopter Twinswords4
Country you are from: 'Murica
Why I Wanted To Join:Kikipro has always ben a toribash Role model for me

About Me: My Name is Aaron Im loyal like a dog but not that dog everyone has when their 5 that runs away to your best friends house. Some people would like to beg I am somewhat maniacal but I like to call it twisted sense of everything really.
IGN name:JaiNune.
Belt:Blue almost Brown.
The mods you are good at/you play the most:Judo, Wushu and xspar.
Previous clans:N/A.
The country you are from:Austraila.
Some replays of yours:Sorry i have 1.
Why do you wanna join us:I love this clan KnC and my friend is in it.
Tell us a little about yourself:I love having a fair and fun game.Wish to learn more toribash parkour and sparring.
Denied. Please read the requirements before posting. We will NOT consider inviting new players/alts to our clan. The minimum belt is black and you didn't post any replays at all.
IGN name:sparem3
Belt(Minimum belt is black):5th dan black
The mods you are good at/you play the most:bit of an all rounder
Previous clans:Psych ward ,saints
The country you are from:AUS
Why do you wanna join us:looking to improve my gameplay in a productive clan
Prey on the weak and you will survive, prey on the strong and you will live
IGN Name:Stephaan
Belt: Black Belt
Mods:Spar mods,Acrjoust,Mushu,Wushu and random
Country:Germany(I live in Switzerland)
Why I wanna join: Because would like to be in a group of skilled people who can teach me a bit
About myself: I like swinging(floating,sparring...),I'm Fast at climbing,I learn fast
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