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The art of life
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Sc1ence01's Slaves (aka no name change)
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Name: Smaguris
Age: 18
Your Martial Art/Combat Sport: Been doing Karate Kyokushin for 5 years, reached brown belt, been Lithuania's champion twice (in <60kg weight category, <18 age group) and Baltics champion once.
Muay Thai for 1 year and haven't done anthing worth noting yet
What do you like about your sport? It's not only a hobby, it's a life style, and it teaches wayy more than just fighting.
About you: I'm studying IT in college, been living in Lithuania for my whole life, but one year ago moved to UK and live here ever since. There is nothing else to say, besides the obvious interests like martial arts and video games
Hello smag, accepted boi

Introducing a new category: Armed Combat

Cuz I also practice arnis
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Name: FleshMon
Age: 18
Your Martial Art/Combat Sport: Judo
What do you like about your sport? I like learning new things and experiencing new throws etc. I also enjoy it because it helps me to defend myself and not be scared.
About you: I've been doing judo since 2012 when i was 14, i was convinced to join by my friend and so i did and its been a great way to relieve stress and anger. I've never done a tournament though, My main purpose is for training and learning self defence
Quack's Club

Pm me for help or if you have any questions.
Name: Chance Stockman
Age: 23
GMT: -3
Your Martial Art/Combat Sport: I took around a year or two of mma, I occasionally visit to get a bit of training in here and there
What do you like about your sport? You get to hurt people?
About you:

I'm from Louisana, a place that doesn't host many fighting industries. It's very rare you find somewhere to actually train in fighting, but there are some fine places to go once you've found them. I've never really been involved in too many fights, most of them happening in middle/high school and involved me getting multiple ass whoopings. The end.
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Name: Aquita Banana
Age: 21
GMT: -5
Your Martial Art/Combat Sport: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 4 years, muay thai for 2. I dabble in wrestling and judo techniques but no official training.

What do you like about your sport? Martial Arts gives you the confidence to walk into any room knowing you can kick everybody's ass but more importantly it gives you the understanding of why you would never do that unless defending yourself or someone you care about.

About you: I go to school for engineering...okay?

*Also I think you gave this org the wrong name.
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