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Parrot Clan League 2016 Thread

If you're here, you're here to schedule a war with [Parrot] in the event Clan League 2016. Best of luck.

Parrot people: present your availability here so I can update the OP.

Need help?
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I'm Active every day, so worrying about my time isn't a problem, i'll see if i can get a certain day that'll work, I'll post something here when i happen to find a day my Fellow members aren't busy and can do this.
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I'd like to suggest friday. Mid-week might cause some problems for me. I also don't think I can do saturday evening (my GMT is GMT+1)

Also, bonus mod for round 2 has been announced as greykido. Diamond??
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I'm available during weekends, like 6pm fridays to 8pm sunday (usually)
This weekend however, I'm available until tuesday night.
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