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[TL] Team Lenshu

(talk to us here:

Who we are


Application Guidelines

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Name: Soon
Belt: 10th Dan
Rank: 3
Favorite Lenshu Variation: lenshu3ng.tbm ?
Tell us about yourself: I've been playing this game for a little over three years and I really love it. I'm just looking to have as much fun as I can.
Why do you want to join: I'm a pretty good lenshu player and I would like to join a group that is dedicated to teaching/improving lenshu skills.

(About the replays I dont really save that many so sorry thats all I have)
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Listen :: probably a reward/knowledge code:
 You should probably listen ;3 friend. "Soon" 
Spoiler: Application Guidelines Hide

Belt: 10th Dan/10th dan/ Custom belt/ 10th dan/ 9th dan
Rank: i dont play ranked
Favorite Lenshu Variation: lenshu3ng
Tell us about yourself: Im a swedish ice cream man that lives in Nanimo BC and has a British accent.I live at my friends house Liam because hes a cool guy. I get my legs waxed because it was a good idea. I do Mau Tai every thursday so i can beat people up when they try and rob my ice cream truck.
Why do you want to join: because i like lenshu!
Replays: [minimum of 4]
i recently whipped my comp because it was disobeying me so i dont got no replays. Although i can pull a few up from Clan League if its needed :VV

In all seriousness Uni and M0n know me so yeah can i join
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Sorry if this is not allowed, but I want to ask a question before joining.

Is this organization gonna active, or gonna ended like Strike organization which is kinda abandoned? I want a lenshu organization where the member are active to talk about lenshu, because from the previous organization I think only Flames who usually post the most on the organization.
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yeah lmao i was the only active one for the last org. Hopefully we can keep this one alive if you all want too, and if you want to abandon it this time Uni id be glad to take it over.
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Gonna be active atleast keep it active for as long as i can.
Flames, accepted.
Soon, accepted.

and in all honesty my favorite lenshu variation has to be the original "lenshu.tbm"
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i dont like the lenshus with grabs. They totally ruin the whole striking thing imo and just make it grappling
does the original lenshu have grabs? ive never really played it
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i dont beleive so, when me and m0nsoom played it, i didnt grab so i dont think.
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rk-mma is a lenshu variation, right?

Originally Posted by Soon View Post
No, its not @us4g1

tfw your joke falls flat and you look like an eedjit
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