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That's Numberwang!
Round 2: Numberscoff

Ok then slightly more educated gentlemen, the next round we are going to play is numberscoff. In this round there are a couple of extra rules:

1. fallu - 11 year old finnish boy, adept at annoying sk8rs and getting hit by eggs
2. Toribash - a highly irrelevant game that will never be mentioned again

1. Your numberwang location attempts will only be registered if you are part of either the "Catholicus" or "Non Catholicus" ranks (or be iTemp)
2. There is no wangernum and there is just 1 numberwang
3. You may only try to get the numberwang every 5 posts, that is to say you cant guess again until 4 other people have guessed. If you break this rule you must rotate the board to get back into the game.
4. All entries must be a cake in the shape of the number in question, extra points if there is a video of you eating the cake
5. Good luck, you may begin

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