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[Rr] Rassle room


Welcome to Rassle Room

We are a collective of wrestling and grappling enthusiasts, here we focus firstly on the fun side
of toribash and it's mods rather than a super-competitive atmosphere.
Anyone of all skill levels is welcome here in the Rassle Room.
All we ask is that you have a keen interest in toribash's grappling based mods.


Our members

The "Rounding Rasslers"





Want to join?

All you need to do is post here with the tittle [APP] including some information on why you like grappling
and what grappling mods you enjoy. You are encouraged to add a bit about yourself but it will have no effect on your application.
All are welcome.


Chat with us

Mod list and the Rassler's Handbook coming soon
Huge thanks to krisis13 for our logo, check him out here
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[4:37 PM] ponf: y'all might think i'm not wild enough to send dick pics over toribash
[4:37 PM] ponf: you'd be wrong
uwu i wuv you uwu
I'm not here to cause more drama about our orgs, I'm just here because the purpose of your org accurately describes me as a Toribash player. I absolutely LOVE ABD, Aikido, and Greykido even though I am absolutely trash at it. Why do I love grappling mods? They're fair and fun, and it gives a nostalgic feeling (considering the fact that most players had their first match/es on aikido).

Here's a lucky-ass replay between me and doom:
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My intro
What's up rasslers? I'm Iskenos, one of the Rounding Rasslers and I like to throw people. I practice judo in real life and I enjoy translating judo throws into Toribash. I have a thing for real moves in Toribash and always have. I look forward to seeing all your replays!

Gonna post some replays from sr_wrestlingv7.tbm
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Uchi Mata 5.rpl (99.0 KB, 2 views)
Wrestling Half Throw 2.rpl (93.3 KB, 1 views)
Whizzer.rpl (32.9 KB, 2 views)
Outer Block O Uchi.rpl (103.8 KB, 1 views)

Hello, my name is Yanis, am 14 and i practice aîkido in real life. I want to join Rassle Room because i really love martials arts and i think that using real moves in toribash is really nice. My favorite mods are abd, aikido, greykido and wrestling i practice alot of other mods ofc but these are my favorite mods.
I like grappling mods because i started with them and i started with them.
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Welcome the two of you! Be sure to join our discord
[4:37 PM] ponf: y'all might think i'm not wild enough to send dick pics over toribash
[4:37 PM] ponf: you'd be wrong
uwu i wuv you uwu
Yes you are, it's you and sc1ence01. Isknekos is a rounding rassler and he was just introducing himself which I should totally do as well when I'm free welcome to the org my dudesp
Hey there, I think this group is better than TMA. I enjoy playing Grapple mods (especially ABD), because it gives you more control of the fight.

About Myself? My name is Gehrig, I'm 19. I like long walks on the beach, 2D Girls, and Dogs. Diamond and I share a common interest in Asian Females.
I enjoy grappling because i understand enough about it to play with it. I like aikido based grappling mods and have stupid amounts of fun with sushirolls mod.
if replays are needed let me know what type.