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have u seen my sets ingame? they dont come out as bad as the examples he is showing, plus im toying around with 256, and 128's but really dont fret.
Hi it's Praeter
So you ARE making my set.
But in 256? What's the difference between that and 512x512.

>___> This is making my nose shake.
Wouldn't the quality increase when the texture is downsized?
Because at higher resolution (larger image size), you can fit more details in. When you size it down, you're trying to fit what originally was in a 4x4 square of pixels into a 1x1 square. Thus, quality loss.

As for your confusion regarding the images, it's what I just said. When the extremely detailed and sharp 512x512 texture is resized to the 128x128 that Toribash uses, it becomes blurry.

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Frankly, i'm more concerned about the loss of detail caused by horizontal compression.

Usually, you start off making textures on a 256x128 canvas (or any 2::1 canvas). Here you will get perfect 1 is to 1 resolution on your sphere. BUT when comes to resizing it to 128x128, you LOSE half the detail in the horizontal.

As for texture blurriness, I don't really mind as most of what I do don't use heavy details. Just properly composed shapes.

Side note: maybe thats why i'm selling them so cheaply before... I was charging tc's based on detail XD
LOL avwave I don't :>

I just compensate by hand.

Btw I think we should make a thread about resizing and exactly what is affected more than others.
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mantrain works in 128x128.
nuff said.

lol, nah, it depends on the head, i dont work in the 256's or 512's i make heads in 300x300. its how iv always done it.
and depending on the head, il work in 500x500, like my anime head series. kept the designs clean. and the slight bluriness helped soften it up, made it look more natural =)
sometimes the blur helps
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If you can use photoshop you can easily make a 512x512 image, resize it to 128x128 and sharpen it.
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Yes, but a sharpening filter only adds contrast to edges, not reconstructs them, so you have to be careful... and that's really the key if you want to do textures in a larger format. As long as you remember how things are reduced, and do your texture making changes accordingly... you'll be fine.

Also, if anyone is worried about the reduced quality and you want to see it in 128x128, you can always request that the artist either send you a smaller preview or, if you want an unbiased screenshot, have them send it to me and I'll send you a reduction demo like I did for the heads in the first post.
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