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hell's video thread [tb]
gonna be posting all my tb videos here.programs used:
after effects 2020

I think that the style you went for is executed quite well, however personally I don't think it was the right editing style for the songs you used. I don't think the default shader with minimal colour correction fits with this song, as it's too clean and 'modern'.

The transition to that vintage footage was honestly a really cool idea, but I feel like you could have done more to make it fit in. As it was a really abrupt change, maybe you could have made the screen go suddenly black for a bit, with some film damage effects, and had some vhs inserting sound effect, to kind of 'lean into' the abruptness (you could do any number of things, that's just a suggestion). The transition also felt like it was going to lead into a second part of the video, that would bring a new theme, but you kept the same shader and editing style afterwards, which kinda felt unsatisfying.

Overall this is a really solid attempt and if you're just a bit more thorough with the process I think you'll make some cool stuff.
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thank you a lot! i'm about to start a new video and this is really going to help, hopefully you're right and i can actually make some good stuff next up.
can anyone help me with pan and crop? i started this new video and it feels so bland (i usually do cool effects after syncing everthing). I know it could be better with good pan/crop. hmu in private messages or on discord at Hell#0379 . thanks.

here's the full (scrapped) version
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this shit is hot as fuck.
nice job my g the transition between white and red/black was moist
the long wait at the end though was putting me off a bit.
thanks for the cnc guys. starting a new video today that should be around 1:30 seconds so drop some replays if you want.
i dont have any replays that i think you could use at the moment, but i would love if you got some replays in my replay thread

im in love with your videos by the way, even though there are some things that you could improve like glimpsed and torixdemon pointed out.
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add some of that s_shake boy and it look 50 times better ~snip~

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