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Random items pack
A pack is an item. When you open it, you get 3 random items.

There are 3 types of pack :
- one for low-priced/qi items
- one for mid-priced/qi items
- one for high-priced/qi/collector items

Ofc, high-priced pack is more expensensive than mid-priced and low-priced.

You can only purchase packs via torishop for tc or usd, they are not transferable. Items you get in packs are no-qi.
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With this, yeah, that's not bad.
Flosax should say that.

It's almost as if you've never gambled before.

This idea reminds me of Gaiaonline's Chance Items. You open an item worth 100k gaia gold, and you have an 80% chance of earning 100k or less, ~20% chance of earning 100k or more, and a .1% chance of earning the grand prize item worth 30kk. More or less...

If I were to buy an expensive pack for 50k, it would be extremely likely to get an item worth less, such as a Supernova Force, or a Ground Texture. However, there is a small chance of getting an expensive item, such as Void Relax, full Platinum, or even a collector item.

Sounds interesting, and a good way to sink tc. However, the value of item X will surely decrease as the number of item X increases, and the amount of toricredits decrease.

I disapprove.
Lucky bags?
Sounds like a funny idea, if done properly it would not fuck up anything.
Don't think it will be done though. Could be incoporated into an event though.
How are you?