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Sunk TC to go to Decapprize
When ever there is a bet lobby or that and TC gets sunk, instead of it dispersing it goes into the decap prize?
The whole point of sinking tc is getting it out of circulation. Adding it to decapprizes would defeat that purpose. The host should pay attention to counters and whatnot better.
If there is a bet off say 1k vs 100 around 400tc of that will be sunk. Wouldn't it be better in the decapprize? this TC isnt men't to be put out of circulation.
Yeah, the economy is failing right now Becuase of So much grinding for TC
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cnc is an endangered resource
This is also why the tourneys decrease.When too much tc is there,the game needs to make more.Instead of making more,they sink it.Then they get back their tc and circulate it.
Example you say decap prize is 1k. Someone bets 10k and loses.It would sink 9k of tc.
Which brings it out of circulation.
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Amount of tc is pretty stable. I dunno the precise statistics and how many tc are getting sunk due to bets, but I think this suggestion is worth considering.´
Would encourage more people to bet.
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