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Better Toriprime searching
Toriprime is kinda a pain if you are trying to find someones Userprofile, because if they dont post then you cant find them. This wont effect people without ToriPrime but honestly it will make it a lot more useful. So i think you should have a choice to search Userprofiles or their posts
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Either way, I agree, back when i had toriprime it would be such a pain to find an old post i wanted to look at or something.

In my opinion the search option needs a little revision.
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1st of all thats not a search, that is a legitimate player named "insertnamehere" and yes the search page needs some revamping its not too effective and sometimes gets confusing when your trying to do something
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Errrrrrrrr, you can search for usernames, even if the people never made a post.

It'll show you the list of people who have nick like that. Then you can do URL hacking mentioned before.

There isn't a memberlist tho because it's disabled.

that's why you can use the search function to get their name (it shows even when the person didnt post anything ever) and then actually use
perhaps it's a workaround but imo it's easy/convenient enough
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yeah but if they havent posted then it wil show an error asking you for some different Terms because it is searching for posts.I think there should be an option to search their Userprofile

oh i didnt know about the

i feelz silly thanks
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