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Move Mirroring?
The name says it all.

The idea is basically just coping joint states from one side of your tori and pasting it on the other side.

Some moves could use this feature.

And it's not that hard to make, right?

Anyways, I hope this will become a feature in later toribash updates.
except noobclap i don't see any other symmetric move which is used much and noobclap is easy to do anyway. there is also movesaver script to quickly save moves and that is what you mean i think


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It's fairly easy to already pull this off already without the need for this feature

Besides, most of the momentum that the tori can create comes from his movements being asymmetrical. Putting that as an option seems unnecessary.
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Well, running in toribash is symmetrical. So this feature would be useful.

No it's not
the starter is symmetrical
Ok fine, I get it, no one wants this feature.
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