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Changing Gravity During Singleplayer
So i have been thinking. It looks so much better when replay makers change the file to change the gravity to make different moves more appealing. So i thought it would be a good idea to implement a feature that changes the gravity in game as you make the replay without a bunch of hastle. I don't know if there is a scripts for this but even if there is it would be much more reliable to have it built into the game.
if you would like a script, ask for one here;
or find a guy whos good with scripts since that section of the forums is pretty dead
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i understand the concept of changing the gravity as the replay is going along but that seems like disaster waiting to happen... I think changing gravity mid replay will just bug everything out, it's the same concept of how you can't enter a replay, change one joint and expect the rest of the movements to work out still.
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It's been done before, pretty sure Nuthug had a script for it.
I don't know where to find it though, I think it's outdated.
its not so much of a script that changes gravity as far as i know

nuthug's script called recordframe.lua, (or whoevers script it is), will just record a section of a replay frame-by-frame. you then change the gravity of the newly recorded rpl file and continue where you left off.

having gravity changes mid replay is done manually through code. i dont see any reason to implement this in game except it'll save you three minutes of your life
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