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Notifications for Thread replies
so, what i mean is, sometimes there is an important thread for me i would like to see the replies on it.
what do you think if there is an option to enable/disable getting messages for new replies on subscribed thread? or just for each thread options/tools??
so example:

Example thread > Thread Tools > Enable Notifications.

and the notification comes as a pm like:
00assassin00 replied on thread: Example Thread

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Nnnnnooooooooooo. It may not be THE EXACT SAME THING but it's close enough and the underlying function is literally the same. Another system to do this is redundant.

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also, i might forget about the subscribed threads, and i will have to check it everyday.

Man, tough titties. I've been running off of subscribed threads for years. Clicking "User Control Panel" is a habit. In fact, once it was changed from "User CP" to "User Control Panel," it changed the position of the text and threw me off. Muscle memory too stronk.
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