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"Currently being viewed by moderator"
Just something I thought of because cats (other art board lmod) and I often ninja each other in moderations, and we don't know if one person sent a pm to another person. If a thread is being viewed by a moderator, I think a message on the title of the thread should pop up saying it is being viewed by a moderator.

This prevents, like I said, ninja'ing of posts and double moderation PMs, which I'm sure people find more of a hassle than help.

Wether or not this information should be shared publicly, I don't know. But having this feature implemented would be of help to many active mods in their boards.
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This would take a fair bit of effort from the site developers... Pretty sure it would be a lot more handy if you guys as mods just communicated a bit more :u
Or what you could do is make a moderated(unaproved) post in the thread explaining to other mods that you're on the case or something...


Seems like a bit of a pointless thing to implement when there is already a means of communication(IRC, PMs, Moderated posts, Skype, and other IM platforms.) :o

The main issue with your idea is that the forums don't automatically update! So I doubt it would fix much. Although if the current devs feel like putting their time into this then that's great I guess.
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