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'Ello Guvna'
Hiya, I'm Draconilian, I'm not quite new, I've been playing this game for almost two years now, on one account or another (this is my most recent, lost my old one <.<) this is however my first ever post on the forums.

technically I'm supposed to be studying for finals right now lol.

anyway, beyond my Toribash details, I take video games in general very seriously, and thats basically going to be my future career choice.

rounding out myself, theres one interesting thing to know about me, (believe this or not, I don't actually expect many to believe me but don't judge me for it) I am a Dragon Soul in a human body (as for the why's and wherefores, I have no freaking clue)

That is All.
Man,are you by any chance between 8-11?
You claim to be a dragon and your future career will be making games?
Spare me.
Welcome to toribash.

EDIT:Aparently,I'm an complete asshole for not believing you(thanks sid) so I'm sorry.You just might be a dragon.
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Hello crazyman, welcome to the forums!

I hope you enjoy your time with us!

[Evil] is recruiting!

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I'm 16,
I take no offense to people who don't believe me, I know I wouldn't believe myself if it weren't true XD

also, never said I wanted to make a career of making games, I consider video game journalism an equal career opportunity, and beyond that, my backup career plans involve physics, (math and spelling are my strongest subjects) so I'm not out of touch with reality.

also, 8-11 year olds don't have midterm exams last I checked.
Chill out dragon.
I believe you.
Like I said,PM me or any moderator if you need help.
I'm new aswell,but I try.
I ain't mad, I'm IRATE
j/k, I'm actually just naturally condescending and offensive, I hope you don't justify it for me XD
in all seriousness, I'm a jerk, but never seriously. just sarcastically.
I am more then usual,

way more then usual.
if I wasn't constantly trying to be polite I'd treat everyone like the prey creatures they are and wouldn't have many friends at all.
Hey there, welcome back to the tb community.
Some things have changed so you may be a bit confused. If you ever find your self in a fix just pm me or anyone else. Hope you will stay for long now that tb has become a tad bit more interesting.
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