Hi Erikflynn,
I'd like to refer you to our Market Rules, specifically:
Originally Posted by General Market Rules
A) Illegal Posts:
.....III) A user may have more than one thread open if each thread serves a different purpose. Note that having multiple threads with the same purpose (more than 1 Sale/Trading/Buying thread) may result in infractions (this includes using alt accounts).

.....[Auction] : Auction : For auctioning art/items.
.....[Buy] : Buying : For requesting art/items.
.....[Sell] : Selling : For selling art/items.
.....[Trade] : Trading : For trading art/items.
.....[no tag required] : Request : For requesting art.

You can't have two threads open at the same time in the request board.
I've closed both of them for now since your other thread is also missing some information. Please reopen the old thread once you've added the information there.
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