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In-game autodownload for full sets
So this has been in the game forever, if somebody has a full body and joints texture set, the automatic download will not grab all of their textures, some of them will remain blank. You need to manually do /dl to fix it.
Do you have autoupdate enabled? /opt autoupdate should show 1
Auto download should always get the full set, /dl is just an alias to force the download again - it doesn't work any differently from default customs update. It may not reload automatically when downloads are finished if you're in multiplayer, but download on its own should be going through properly.
I went ahead and found myself a testing subject with full 512 body and joints. I deleted their custom folder beforehand to be sure, and then I let the game download the textures automatically.

Image 1

As you can see in the first image, some of the joint textures are missing. You can also see from this screenshot that autoupdate is enabled. To make sure that it wasn't just that the game didn't download the textures in time, I waited until Pazzi has played another game.

Image 2

As you can see from this image, Pazzi is still missing some of the joint textures, all of the leg ones except Right Glute to be exact. I stayed in the room for a while, but these joint textures have remained not downloaded. This can be fixed by running /dl Pazzi manually, but I shouldn't have to.

EDIT: I should probably also note that said joint textures were also missing from the custom folder, so the download did in fact not happen. The version is 5.5 on Steam.
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I vouch. I didn't know that this problem was unknown, but yeah, the downloads never work properly for this stuff.
Chickster: I literally don't know why I did it.
Ok, I think I know what might be causing it but likely won't be able to check until next week. Will post an update here.
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Ok, I think I know what might be causing it but likely won't be able to check until next week. Will post an update here.

If you have been able to find the time to check in on this, that'd be awesome to know. This has been an issue for a very long time and I'm surprised it was unknown.
Kinda forgotten about this thread, sorry
Got this fixed on a dev server, was using legacy code that'd only fetch first 32 textures. Will apply the update to main one later this week