Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
Im enjoying to listen Mansionz and Hopsin lately. Theres no better artists in my oppinion rn!
That would be cool, I listened to some Caravan Palace but no more than that within Electroswing. Also I like Ill Mind 5 by Hopsin but never heard anything else

Also I'm gonna add a rules section to the OP, any ideas?
I don't like rap much but hopsin is pretty cool
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Yeah me neither, as a nerdy white guy rap has never been my thing lol, I like rock and indie stuff

We hit 500 posts btw! Awesome <3
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I really fuck with rap. Also the somekind of Hiphop rap idk what its called. The new rap is cool too.
Yeah its all about opinions. That was the case too for me when i were younger tho. Now its the other way lol. Its wierd
Im soon to be 20. The most useless age with 19 in here.
How old were u again. If i remember correctly u were a bit younger.