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FIGHTING STYLES: baguazhang, hapkido, drunken styles and brazilian jiu jitsu.

STORY: born in the mind of a small boy, the good-old clan ties together beards and rage all in one neat sandwhich. coming in from way up eyed and waining, we exist on a plain known only by the wise and the wasted. many a good old time has been spent tossing over a this or a that...many a tussle and even the odd sack on a bald head. the road we are walking is long and hard and we have many a blister... what what? god damn you sir, don't interrupt me when i'm being deep. we have very little meat and i'm afraid i am without bud. mr fabulous? fanblasmo. toodly hi hi. long time no goodenheimer. do you have a goose-snatch about your person..? i was in the neighbourhood for a little foul play, would you be so kind as to rangle my hoonburger? bundlegown is robed and set for a doob, off we hip hop. way WAY down the road now and in almost full swing, all manner of yab yum and sodomy is at hand. watch the f!*K out japan.

dance in a drunken stupour, kill in a drunken rage.

AIM: to prove sobriety has no place in this world. to lead the way blind. to inebriate freedom.

REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN: To be welcomed into the good old family you must first humble one of our members in a good old tussle. Style of fighting and mod will be our choice. WE DO NOT MAKE DISTINCTIONS ON THE BASIS OF CLASS OR CATEGORY. A FIGHTER WILL BE REGARDED ON HIS OR HER INDIVIDUAL MERIT.