Endurance Onslaught 3.0
Go to Piratez clan forum and see ;).

I see my ork awaken some Warcraft III fans . Nice. Try to make palette knife smaller in size and then gently do around the lines of the figure, that will help.
What Warcraft 3 fans? And awsome! You're in Piratez!! My brother is there too! I follow your tutorial and made a Devil in my brother's Tablet. Isn't very good, but ok.
Offtopic: When ill do me a set, i will join piratez too.

Warcraft is cool strategy, but i prefer world of warcraft what is mmorpg.
And Bojan, how this knife things will help us?
I want cookies!
It's like... sculpturing with colors. I use palette knife almost 60%. Moving color to make grads and smooth the lines.
[sorry for double post]
Delete this shit and sanction me, I didn't read the rules. This is not TB related.