Endurance Onslaught 3.0
Thanks, nice tutorial. To basic coloring you are using only brush?
When i tried it wasnt look like yours :]
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try with different settings with paper and color.

I use LS/H Color Picker and Metallic options lowered to zero
And for paper: go FILE > NEW PAINTING > Basic Paper.

U could get different colors and look of your colors on paper by toying with this options.

Also, I have been working in ArtRage for... I think 6 months, so I always know what to change and how to use some things to get what I need in my images. Work everyday and try different things, u will get it.
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Hey i made this by your tutorial:

Its baad... because roller doing little white sparkles everywhere.
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I downloaded it... I wish I had a tablet though...

keep up the great work BOJAN. You've got some real talent.
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