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What version of photoshop is best for toribash?
I am going to buy Photoshop accept there are four different versions! which one should i get? these are the four different ones:

Photoshop Elements 10

The complete solution for extraordinary photos

Photoshop LightroomŪ 3

Simplify photography from shoot to finish

Photoshop CS5

Create powerful images with the professional standard

Photoshop CS5 Extended

Discover new dimensions in digital imaging
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They all have different usages, and neither are the better one because they are used in different fields. Therefore I can not answer you which program you should get.

I suggest you to read what you are buying before buying anything, because if you really have no idea what you want or need you are better of spending the money on ice-cream

You can read about the programs here:

I also suggest reading the rules before posting at this forum in the future, because tutorials is not the place to ask questions but to post tutorials clearly mentioned in the rules.

Have a nice day, if you have any questions regarding me closing this pm me.