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A genius Marketing Step!
So, For all who wanna start at marketing, I will be Making tutorials for all Marketing tricks that gains TCS for who wanna start at marketing.

First, You need something worth 15k+ and people like it, and the qi must be not very high too so you get many buyers.

What i have done:
Today, i found people selling spiky for 36k, and in market its 40k and its the only one in the market so....
I bought the one at market, and i should have bought the one they are selling for 36k but i forgot that i need more 6k so, i just bought the one at market and....
Now if you are going to sell it, its 50k in shop, and none in market so, u should sell it as fast as you can so no one add another one, and while there is none in market and 50k in shop, you should sell it between 42k-48k.

What you should hurry and do now(12/01/2014):
There is a demo relax in market for 19.5k.
The one under it is 29k so....
If you bought the first one for 19.5k, you could gain like 5k by selling it again because while you are gonna sell it, the lowest one gonna be 29k, so you can sell it for 24k or something.

Note: You can always search for the popular good items and see the first prices, if the difference is a lot, then buy the first one and sell it again due to the lowest currently one.


I hope this tutorial helped you and i hope you to use it too.
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Оne drawback, those people who buy such things know their normal price, in which case you will have to sell them for the same storage amount
On the market there are very few people who would buy such a thing (though they have a lot of fights and experience in the game) and those people who do not know the normal price of these do not have much money...
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Yeah but i understand and i was thinking of this...
But whatever man, it worked many times before with me.
and the normal prices you are talking about not all people care for it if you know, most people here at marketing are new and just depend on the market/shop prices.

Also, next tutorial i will make it on another simple things that no one stated it before.
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Mudbox is Shit :<
I actually see this now man, i sold my pure force for a loss , should have seen this first then i could have got a profit.
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So I'm guessing my extra hunter force isn't really worth much is it? God damn it .-.
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This marketing “strategy” is pretty dumb because if you just buy the cheapest things on the market because it is significantly cheaper than the other offers you ignore the fact that the value of items greatly fluctuate, and that people do not always update their prices accordingly.
I doubt you will much money with this unless you study the market closely.
How are you?
oh and also, selling stuff on the market only works if you buy stuff off the forums, and are willing to wait like 300 million years for it to sell.
Items that are expensive and never sell on the market are good examples. People put them up for low prices just to get rid of them, and then if you want and can actually forsee the price not dropping or other people putting lower prices then you then go ahead and wait forever.

Pretty useless if I say so myself, and I haven't done any real marketing in over 6 months.