Hello everyone! Sorry for my bad english, because im Ukrainian.
There is some titles about me.
My real name is Yaroslav, im 17 yrs old.
Im a sportsman, i like soccer, basket ball, tabble tennis, volley ball.
Also i like video games such as CS:GO, Brawlhalla, Rocket League and of course Toribash and some others.
About my toribash carrer: I've been playing since September 2013, my first account was Corobka74, then Col2un and then Warabi
Clans: I was in 3 clans Fanta, Attack and Damned
Mods i play: My main mod is Boxshu, i have alot of fun in it, also i like ABD and Lenshu.
Why i want to join? I would like to find new friends, i see alot of good guys here.
So thats it i guess. Sorry for my grammar. Peace
Hello Warabi, you have been accepted for trial, congrats. Come into the discord if you use it
I apologise for this post.