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[Obey] - Giveaway from Earth.
Well, the clan members, on the eve of the clan league, I want to make a giveaway for you are, so that it would be even more pleasant for you to break our rivals. Only OBEY clan members are participating. Prizes are random items, they are distributed in sets in my inventory. There will be 6 winners in total. To participate, you just need to write your serial number in order at the bottom of this thread, nothing more. The giveaway among the participants will be carried out through If your qi does not allow you to pick up your things, I can keep them with me until you receive the required amount of qi, or I can send it to your friend (holder). The giveaway will be held tomorrow, because there is no commerce here, so leave your number in time!) Good luck to everyone, Bravo is in touch.
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To RNGesus we pray.1
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You just lost the game
I am not a scammer
I'm not entering because you guys could use the items more than me, but I still wanted to post and remind you guys to love your friends
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PM me with any and all questions

Im running it, i need some kinda luck ok
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24/07/2019. I'll find you again my friend.
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So there was 7 clanmates who leave they number for this giveaway , and here results guys.
1 Sleep 4th set
2 Virus 3rd set
3 Nine 5th set
4 Pill - 1st set
5 JoboMan -6th set
6 Hoax
7 &Icky - 2nd set

Prizes sent. Thanks for all!