I'm waiting really long time
I think you guys don't really need me and you don't care about me
If I should be accepted, I'm sure I won't feel like I'm in the right plaice
So that I decline app and quit as trial member
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Hi im Laine And Im 12 years old and I recently left the clan Satire
Also Im Deluded and sick so sorry if I spell anything wrong cause my head feels like crap.

Video Games-
Im A pretty decent aikido Player and I have a lot of close replays. I Play a lot of other video games and I have my own YouTube channel, One of my favorite video games is pokemon, I grew up with pokemon and Its an important video game franchise to me. I also play Tf2, Besiege, and Im a big fan of the Zelda franchise even though ive only briefly played the windwaker with my mom when I was 6.

I first started playing toribash when I was in the 3rd grade and I played the game back when the torishop was crap. I have gone under a few accounts and I forgot the password to most of them, Ive gone as Obzut34,0terralord,Obzut,Kefix <-- (Most recent) and now lasthour. all but Obzut34 Being over 2nd dan black belt highest being 3rd dan. I play toribash just about every day and it is one of my favorite games.I mainly play Aikido I make replays like madmans and I sometimes parkour and spar and occasionally trick and muchu/boxshu.

Me- ( Prepare for a Fucking sad dog story)
I was born into a family of 3 me being the forth, My brother being 10 years older than me is one of my many heros. We barely get to hang out though due to his crazy work load and that he travels a lot. we got to hang out this Christmas and thats the last ive seen of him but even though I got to see my older brother this Christmas was the worst ive ever had. The reason my Christmas sucked so much is when I was like 4 or 5 I got a dog, a pitbull named huey who was about a year old. A little story about him: A couple years ago we were having dinner with some family and friends. Huey was doing the classic dog begging for food and my dad told him to go lay down. So he goes into the corner, and he lays down in the corner. Probably the funniest thing he's done.
But yeah he recently passed away this Christmas eve.

To hopefully my clan mates

Ps and to joope1 Me and my brother share our account and he is the one who you talked to but we can still be friends
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i fucked your dad
Name: Yes and No
I live in Argentina and the gmt is -3, my skype is PCfunzy and I'm a male(LOL 75 fuckin' genders) and my age is 99-83 =
replays: clutch.rpl



IT'S ME TIME BABYY, I drink really strong coffee, I may or may not consume 420, I'm ripped come at me, currently studying pretty well because if I don't I'll just be labeled a dumb AND lazy stoner...anyway didn't mean to get that deep back to me, well I love me some dank memes I make origami believe it or not and my favorite animal is a cat and/or ferret because they're cute as shit dawg. It hasn't been too long since I've shit myself and I find that pretty strange, love football, futbol and basketball also I drink a lot of water so I pee a lot and sometimes the bathroom is occupied so I rush outside to pee....mkay bye.To be honest not much going on in my teen life so I apologize for the shitty about me.

Game modes I'm a beast at; I'm a beast at aikido, wushu, abd, mostly the mods from the 5k tourney except erth, I'm a 5th dan and i can handle myself pretty well against competitive players i also feel like obey has been a bit inactive in-game and i could help in that little issue.

Why I want to join? basically I've been from clan to clan and I haven't really felt like I was a part of it, in the few clans I've been in it was just a bunch of idiots and the occasional assdickfuckface, couldn't really see any purpose in staying in any of them but here I'd like to change that, I'd post frequently on the forums and get my shit together if you guys have your shit together you feel me?

Don't feel me.
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Back and black with my caucasian asian BIATCH
Anyone who has not been denied as of now, apologies for the wait.

Some hiccups with the recruitment process, but you should get an answer here soon.
PM me with any and all questions
sorry everyone has been denied thus far please reapply in 2 weeks with a stronger application thank you
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Name: Giovanni
Competitive mods: Abd,Mushu,BoxhuMushu,Greykido
General stuff: Well I try to be nice all the time try to help if i can and to learn more

If i am with yall i stay with yall if i help yall i keep helping yall i will be on most days

Active on forums:7-10
Active in-game:9-10
I'm an alt bec i lost my old acc