Forum Activity (On a scale from 1 to 10):10
Skype (If you don't have skype, type N/A):N/A
Extra information that you'd like to share about yourself: I sing.
Why you would like to join this organization:I write raps/poems on the occasion.
An example of the work you're capable of (If you don't have a rap example, write one):Thought i made it clear i told you niggas not to come for me, no I dont give a fuck about you or your fucking company. Yall been coming at me so i shall bless thy with this back hand, born in 1999 my 6 will hang you like a clans man. Fucked this ugly bitch right in her mouth I called it grand slam. Though i said it once ill ram this dick down yo bitch throat now you look on crying from the corner while yo bitch choke, now i got her whinin for this dick cus yo bitch broke. I been rolling woods in the back for the studio, nigga from the 9 staying high cus this shit strong, we just copped a pound fuck a gram cus that shit small, rolling through the town we be loud fuck a curfew. Nigga thats not loud that shit mild smell like tofu. He just dropped a dime so lets ride before they smoke you, he just dropped a dime so lets ride, before they smoke you.
At embry's request; Are you an asshole?:I aint nobodies bitch. Edit: Unless this is asking if im an asshole, because no. Seems like its asking if i'd be an asshole at embry's request. A colon or a comma is better used there considering "at embry's request" isn't a complete sentence on its own.
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