ToriCombat League
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Real Name [optional]:RJ
Age [optional]:11
Previous Clans:none(since i nightmare11 is gone)
Why do you want to join?:Cos I lost my clan Single
Tell us about yourself:time here is 1.34 in Philippines.

Hi RJ, accepted ^^ also i will add you as a squire
Also 1.34 om or am??
Username: TheHawkeye
Real Name: -------
Age: --------
Previous Clans: Toast
Art: None
Why do you want to join: I Like the feel of the clan, and now that i know Shynx isnt starting another clan for sure, i thought i would apply.
Tell Us About Yourself: Im really a blackbelt, but i lost it all in the Hackapocalypse, so now im back to Orange belt at the moment........which means il always be a belt ahead of my current belt........weird. Also, i like the color yellow.
Username: Luminusian
Real Name [optional]: Secret. :3
Age [optional]: Moar Secrets.
Previous Clans: Legend | Arrow
Art?: Nope.
Why do you want to join?: Pride is really active. And by really active, I mean REALLY active. I like active clans, since I'll be able to chat with people. :3 (And I like chatting.)
Tell us about yourself: I'm only a 2nd Dan Blackbelter, but I don't really play Multiplayer that much since I got bored with it. Instead, I resorted myself to replay making, which I found myself to be very good at. Tell me if you want me to post my replays.
prime! welcome to the clan Pride(wow you lumr name)
and luminusian welcome and the hawkeye
Adphones|.:!New Era!:.|Indonesian
request video? PM me
Real Name [optional]:jacob wayne peters
Age [optional]:11
Previous Clans:extreme
Art?:not an artist
Why do you want to join?:i like this clan
Tell us about yourself:i am a hunter i kill deer and rabbits